Professional CCTV Surveillance System  


Magtec offer affordable Analog High Definition (AHD) CCTV surveillance system. Magtec AHD DVR
is an advance network DVR that allow remote viewing and remote playback from internet or LAN
network via user friendly android handphone or iphone. Magtec CCTV DVR recorder offer free
Central Monitoring Software (CMS)that allow you to manage multiple DVR from single software
interface. Magtec CMS security video software allow up to 256 simultaneous live view from
multiple CCTV digital video recorder.

Magtec offers various type of security CCTV camera with Infrared for night view. Mainly
Magtec CCTV camera comprise of IR bullet CCTV camera for outdoor application and IR dome
CCTV camera for indoor application. Vari-focal CCTV camera lens system allow you to manually
zoom in to see specific area more clearly in larger view. Magtec surveillance CCTV IR camera
is optimized to offer reliable performance, optimum video quality, good spare part support
and easy installation at a affordable price. Magtec CCTV camera is best value solution to meet
limited budget for residential home, commercial office building or industrial factory.

The common problem in today CCTV is that the video start to distort when you zoom in
bigger view. Recorded CCTV video is blurred and valuable information is lost. Magtec new AHD
technology is capable to record in High Definition 720P (DVD quality) 1080P (BlueRay quality).
This allowed recorded video to be zoomed in for bigger view while still maintains visible clarity.
Clearer picture reveal many evidence that can help solve the crime.
Magtec AX series is Analog HD IR CCTV camera using latest CMOS imaging technology.
Advance CMOS IR Cut filtering technique allowed vivid color up to 2.0 megapixel HD resolutions
during day view.


All Magtec AHD camera comes with 2D and 3D dual digital noise reduction engine to deliver
extremely low noise night vision. This allow you to see all night activity with crisp clarify.
Our latest 1080P AHD camera support dual output of AHD and TVI simultaneously. So you
can also use our affordable camera on TVI system.



Powerful remote view on hand phone and tab
Magtec hand phone view allow you to record the video into your hand phone. In the event smart
burglar take away your DVR, you still have the second backup video in your hand phone as
secondary backup evidence that you can use to submit to police. Therefore, now you can at
least record the entire crime act as you see them take place in front of your eye rather than just

“see only and do nothing”


Multiple site using Magtec DVR to be viewed from a single handphone software.

Multi channel live view from different sites so that you can see all DVR simultaneously from your handphone.

Easy time search of recorded clip in DVR and smooth video playback

In event of crime, you can record up to 4 ch video into handphone as secondary backup.

Powerful remote view via internet browser

You do not need to be in front of your DVR in order to perform playback and search for evidence.
Magtec has powerful video streaming processor that allows you to playback all 4 ch recorded
video via internet browser from any PC. Capability to playback 4 ch video allowed you to have
better understanding of the crime progress. You can see how the burglar progress from one camera
to another camera to easily identify their suspicious action. Most other low cost DVR only allow you
to playback by single video clip at a time.

  Playback 9 channel simultaneously so that you can have a complete view to achieve better understanding of crime situation.
     Setting same layout as local side, easy to use
      Each channel can be set as High Res (for better quality) or Low Res (for smoother motion) depending on your internet bandwidth.
     You can assign authorized function or video channel viewing allowed for each login user. You are in control of your security.  

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